Chemical Name: Phenyltrichlorosilane

Synonyms: Phenylsilicon Trichloride; Phenyltrichlorosilane (DOT); Silane, Phenyltrichloro-; Silicon Phenyl Trichloride; Trichlorophenylsilane

CAS No.: 98-13-5

№ UN: 1804

H.S. Code: 2931 00 950 0

EC INDEX No.: 2026408

Main applications:

Phenyltrichlorosilane is used as a starting monomer in the synthesis of organosilicon resins, thermal and electrical insulating varnishes, lubricants, rubbers and other polymeric organosilicon products.

Specifications phenyltrichlorosilane:

Appearance Transparent colorless or slightly colored liquid.
Opalescence and presence of mechanical impurities due to steel tare is possible
Assay, %, min 99,3
Impurities content, %, max 0,7
diphenyl, % 0,15
total content of impurities containing hydrogen, % (trichlorosilane, phenyldichlorosilane) 0,2

Storage Conditions: Store in sealed containers in dry well ventilated rooms. Max storage temperature +50 °C, min storage temperature is not limited. Avoid contact with water and moisture.

Storage Warranty: 12 months.

Incompatible Products: Oxidizers, water.

Packing: Railway cisterns, specialized containers, steel barrels.

Transport Type: Road, railway.


  • Xi Symbol
  • R: 34-23
  • UN Hazard Class: 8
  • UN Pack Group: II
  • S: 26-28-36/37/39-45 RID/ADR 8/36b

Labers: Corrosive

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