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Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite applied for swimming pulls and drinking water disinfection as well as for waste water treatment.

  • CAS No.: 7778-54-3
  • № UN: 1748
  • H.S. Code: 2828100000
TMQ antioxidant

TMQ antioxidant

TMQ antioxidant - antiaging antioxidant used in production of tires and other rubber products.

  • CAS No.: 26780-96-1
  • H.S. Code: 3812 30 2000
DPG accelerator

DPG accelerator

DPG accelerator - rubber vulcanization accelerator used in production of tires and other rubber products.

  • CAS No.: 102-06-7
  • H.S. Code: 2925.29.0000
  • EINECS No.: 203-002-1
Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate is environmentally safe bleach in white stabilized and encapsulated granules for use in chemical industry.

  • CAS No.: 15630-89-4
Methylene Chloride

Methylene Chloride

Methylene Chloride - solvent used production of acetate fibers, photographic films, film strips, plastics processing, polyurethanes and polycarbonate production

  • CAS No.: 75-09-2
  • H.S. Code: 2903.12.0000
  • EINECS No.: 200-838-9


Chloroform feedstock for hydrochlorofluorocarbon applied as refrigeration fluid in grocery stores, refrigerated transports, cold storage warehouses and for the production of fluorinated polymers.

  • CAS No.: 67-66-3
  • H.S. Code: 2903.13.0000
  • EINECS No.: 200-663-8


Trichlorosilane is used as a raw material in production of organic silicon compounds as well as polysilicon compounds.

  • CAS No.: 10025-78-2
  • H.S. Code: 2851 00 800 0


Phenyltrichlorosilane is used as a starting monomer in synthesis of organosilicon resins, thermal and electrical insulating varnishes, lubricants, rubbers and other polymeric organosilicon products.

  • CAS No.: 98-13-5
  • № UN: 1804
  • H.S. Code: 2931 00 950 0
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Dehim LLC is a chemical manufacturer since 1981. A global supplier of the world's largest players with high quality standards. The production is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. Dehim is a leading supplier of chemical products providing a comprehensive solution in the field of the sale of chemical raw materials. It is a manufacturer and a direct supplier of high-quality chemical products, which allows consumers to receive advanced products at competitive prices.

Dehim LLC has established itself as an experienced dynamically developing business partner and a reliable and responsible supplier.

Our key value is long-term partnership aimed at increasing the efficiency and competitiveness for our customers.

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